I’m Sydnie and I’m the ghoul behind Minerva’s Mark. I have been practicing the craft of modern calligraphy for 2 over years, but have recently fallen for older styles. From bold gothic scripts like fraktur to the whimsical titling and card scripts of the 1920’s & 30’s, I am always excited  to learn older artforms to bring them back into the spotlight. 

While I do have a full time job as a Project Manager, taking the time to be creative, look away from a screen and just put ink on paper helps me destress during these crazy days. As a multiple generator Gemini, if I am not busy, I am not at my best! 

Instead of letting my artwork sit in folders around my desk, I love to be inspired by others and help them connect with and astound the people that are important in their lives, whether that be customers or distant cousins.


Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom. She stands for the arts, trade, and strategy. In the 1700’s, the Minerva Press was one of the only publishers to print and advocate for female authors. Minerva McGonagall is easily the most badass teacher at Hogwarts.

By naming my business Minerva’s Mark, I’m invoking wisdom, literature, and feminism in my practice. I am remembering the past and letting it guide my future.  This is a one-woman show but having a fierce goddess by my side sure does help. 

Join me on a journey to a time when ink and paper were our keyboards, a time when the mailbox had more than just bills and junk mail in it. Join me in the joy of writing. 

From small business owners or soon to be graduates, to ecstatic couples or thoughtful gift givers, we all need a way to pull our audience’s attention away from their handheld screens for more than 15 catchy- dancy seconds. 

Snatch their attention with nostalgic and bold lettering to really add that wow factor to your storefront, invitation, or thank you card. 

Whatever your statement is, it deserves to stand out from the rest. You work hard, you love big. They deserve to know. You are magic and you make magic happen. 

Let me help you make that statement through custom design and handcrafted stationery that can’t be found on a Pinterest board or in a craft store. I specialize in vintage and gothic lettering to be bold and nostalgic in this day and age of bounce and curl. 

Distinguish your message and dazzle your audience.

Ready to leave your mark on the 21st century?


“I have worked with Sydnie twice now. Once for custom designed mirrors for my spa space, and once for creating custom gift cards for my business! Both times she was very open to my ideas, as well as flexible in making changes and providing options. 100% will be working with Minerva’s Mark again!”

 - Natasha, Honey Pot Beauty



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